We had so much fun last time I did her nails, so we decided to throw ourselves at it again.
This time we swapped the wine, for a non-alcoholic wine spritzer, which meant more stable hands and more intricate work could be done.
This was perhaps the most elaborate mani I have done so far.

I showed her my most recent purchases, and we had a little brain-storming session going.
Minions, smiley-faces, school art... ideas was thrown around.

She works with kids, so we wanted to do something that would be fun for them to look at.
That's when we came up with the idea to try a pond manicure with koi fish. I had just received some nail mail from Bundlemonster, and one of the plates I bought was BM - 725, and it has some lovely koi fishes on it.

For this manicure we used Barry M - Speedy - Supersonic for base manicure, and stamped with BM - 725 in Wet n Wild - Black Creme, filled the koi fishes in with China Glaze - Midnight Kiss, Seventeen - Bronze Shimmer, Kiko - 492 and lastly Kiko - 493. I made the kelp using a striping brush and Kiko - 531, and Kiko - 534. Let the decals dry and cut them up to fit the nails.

Guest-Nail at Secretary's Nail Art

To finish it all off, I added a few drops of Barry M - Speedy - Supersonic to a clear polish and added 2 coats of that over the design, added the waves and the kelp, and then two more coats of the Barry M - Speedy - Supersonic with clear polish mix and one coat of topcoat to seal the design.

Guest-Nail at Secretary's Nail Art
I had so much positive feedback from the last time I was showing Sam's nails here on my blog, so we decided to aim at making this a regular thing. I teach her in the ways of a polish-aholic, and she lend me her time, and nails.

Guest-Nail at Secretary's Nail Art

The kids loved her nails, and she reported to me that they had asked to see them many times. So I would say that these nails where a definite hit.
I do not think we will do something THIS elaborate nex time.

Thank you Sam for your patience!


My first indie polishes

I was very quick to dip my toes in the indie world.I was not so good at staying there, and actually using them. A bit over 3 years ago, I posted on this blog about my indie haul. 3 years. Imagine that...
Long time ago.

My first indie - haul

But it was going to take awhile until I tried them all. Matter of fact, I still have not tried them all.
Girly Bits - Wet Bikini and Girly Bits - Promise Me, are both still untrieds(!!!).
The original reason was the hassle with glitter removals, so they just stayed in their box, later they moved into a Helmer, and there they stayed. Never tried, never loved.
I feel sorry for them. So I will definitely take them out and put them on my talons, soon. 
I hope. 
It's on my to-do-list. I will get there. 

I am quite embarrassed over my old swatching pictures, so I will be doing new pictures of them as well. 

The reason for this trip down Memory Lane, is because I wanted to show you all that #itrustindiepolish 

My indie collection might not be as large as many others, but lately (since the whole Mentality thing blew up), I have made a point to order more indies. So the next month or so, I will mainly focus on indie nail polishes, and show them to you in all their glory.

As long as they are fully disclosing ingredients, and do testing, I don't see the problem.
If you where to have a problem with a polish, you would be able to point to what you reacted to.
Open and honest communication all around.

Raise your hand with me and say: I Trust Indie Polish


The Dictionary of Colours

I think shades within a colour group sometimes can be hard to nail down.
Ingrid Sundberg is a writer, and wanted to be better at describing colours in her work.

That is how "The Dictionary of Colors" became a thing on Imgur. I hunted down the owner of the pictures, as I wanted to share it with you all. If you follow me in Pinterest, you might have seen it already, as it's been saved over a 100 times!

The cool thing about this, is that it is not just genious for writers that want's to be more colorful in their novels, but it works great for us nail polish geeks for describing our nail polishes. I have also added some other words that would go in the same colour family underneath the pictures. I have to thank Once Upon A Lexicon and Wikipedia for those.

So without further ado.

Other shades of white would include: milk, chalk, oatmeal, champagne, crystal, vanilla, blonde, linen, cornsilk, honeydew, seashell, eburnean.

Other shades of tan would include: Khaki, biscuit, buff, ecru, camel, mushroom, taupe, nude, bisque, toast, dun, suede, sarcoline.

Other shades of yellow would include: sunshine, straw, goldenrod, citrine, taxi cab, sunflower, apricot yellow, jasmine, papaya whip, lemon chiffon, ecru, arylide yellow, aureole, chartreuse, jonquil, mikado.
Other shades of orange would include: Pumpkin, ocher, ginger, flame, Princeton orange, persimmon, tangelo, Portland orange, bittersweet, sunset, tawny, peach, gamboge.

Other shades of red would include: maroon, burgundy, carmine, vermilion, ruddy, henna, terracotta, poppy, tyrian red, cardinal, rust, rosso corsa, auburn, folly, redwood, vermilion, Venetian red, Tuscan red, raspberry, lava, carnelian, alizarine crimson, falu.

I want to throw something in here about the color Saffron. Originally  Once Upon A Lexicon mentioned that this was a red shade. It was first used to describe a color in England around 1200 (thank you wikipedia). Wikipedia has it listed as a golden yellow. Below I attached a color chart from Adobe Color. As you can see Saffron could below to the colour group: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown and Red. Cool right?


Other shades of pink would include: peony, raspberry, roseate, cerise, puce, amaranth, brink pink, folly, thulian pink, Mountbatten pink, carnation pink, Baker-Miller pink, desire, razzmatazz.

Other shades of purple would include: pomegranate, puce, wisteria, Byzantium, fandango, heliotrope, tyrian, thistle, cherise, cattleya.

Other shades of blue would include: turquoise, aqua, cyan, ice, cornflower, majorelle blue, Bleu De France, Brandeis blue, Cambridge blue, Carolina blue, duke, federal, midnight. Prussian, phthalo blue, zaffre, Tiffany blue, viridian, denim, Celeste, glaucous, Eton blue, Columbia blue, Dodger blue, Persian blue, Oxford blue, Palitinate blue, smalt.

Other shades of green would include: Kelly, grass, leaf, apple, jade, spinach, willow, avocado, bottle green, asparagus, artichoke, mantis, forest, malachite, harlequin,  shamrock, verdigris, xanadu. 

Other shades of brown would include: earth, copper, chestnut, burnt sienna, auburn, bay, bistre, russet, sorre, beaver, burnt sienna, burnt umber, camel, cordovan, coyote, ecru, fallow, fawn, field drab, fulvous, isabelline, lion, liver, rofous, russet, sepia, sinopia, tawny, wenge, wheat, titian, wenge.

Other shades of grey would: dust, stone, granite, cement, platinum, battleship grey, Payne's grey, slate, timberwolf, gunmetal.

Other shades of black would include: licorice, raisin, outer space, bistre, eerie black, Jet black.

So there you have it, a start to better colour knowledge, and colour descriptions. I hope you enjoyed it. Most certain that there are colours missing here, but it's a great start.

Hope you enjoyed it!



So if you read yesterdays post about re-purposing your nail polish, you might be wondering what to do with all the empty nail polish bottles.

First we have to clean the bottles.  <-- Follow the link for more information on how to do that properly.

How about making your own nail polish?

Frankening (fránk-ən-ing) – The DIY practice of mixing one’s own unique nail polish using glitter, micas, pigments or eye shadow with clear or other polishes.

You can buy some really cool Frankening sets, where everything is safe and tested, and all you have to do, is decide how the end result is going to look.  As I am a Secretary, I have taken the time to collect this list of Frankening Suppliers. If you are missing a supplier on this list, please let me know, and I will add them.

  1. GirlyBitsCosmetics Franken set
  2. Nailite Franken set
  3. Overall Beauty - pigments (I have seen that DrFrankenPolish uses these pigments alot for her frankens)
  4. DrFranken's Lab (at the time of writing this, this shop is temp. closed)
  5. ShebaNails 
  6. Nail Super Store (AU) 
  7. Glitties Nail Art  
  8. Glitter Unique 
  9. Manda Makes 
  10. Micamoma 
  11. Wonder Beauty Products
  12. TKB Trading
  13. NEL Beauty
  14. Misfits on 8th
  15. Frank and Shine Designs
  16. BrambleBerry
  17. Nail Glitter Princess

Here are two of my frankening polishes. 

Secretary's Nail Art - Beauty In The Beholder

Secretary's Nail Art - EmOzean

Now, if you would rather skip the mess and go straight to the fun of having your own nail polish?
I got you covered. 
NAYLL is a company where you can customize your own nail polish, and they will send it your way.
You choose, and they do all the mixing, easy right?

NAYLL - Fields of Marigold and I found Loot. (both polishes frankened by me)

NAYLL - Fields of Marigold (frankened by me at NAYLL)

Until next time, have fun frankening. 


Re-purposing Nail Polish

Recent events regarding the whole Mentality Polish thing has people talking about throwing their polishes out. As a person who treasure our planet, I would hate to see nail polishes on the landfill. No matter how bad they are.

I have three suggestions for you.

  1. Save nail polishes you want to get rid of for Zoya's Earth Day Promo
  2. Send them to your local Household Hazardous Waste Facility (how to properly dispose of nail polish)
  3. Re-purpose them!

I love DIY, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to talk a bit more about using nail polishes in DIY projects. Yay for creative outlets!! 

Re-purposing nail polish into gorgeous rings.

For this project I bought some 12 mm glass cabuchans from Ebay, and painted them with different polishes. Ones they had dried, I attached them to rings that I also found on Ebay.

All in all this project cost me less than 10 dollars, and I got cabuchans and ring bases to make a heap-load more. 
So get your glitters, and nail polishes out. 

Now this is only one idea on what to do with nail polishes, below I had added a list of other ideas and links to where you can find out more about the craft project. I hope you like it. Non of the links below are mine, and I take no credit for the ideas, I am just spreading the word. 

I hope you have enjoyed my this little post about Re-purposing Nail Polish. 
It took quite some time to collect all the ideas into one post, and find good YouTube videos on how to do them for you all.
That's what you have a Secretary for after all. 

Please leave a comment below if you have some tips and ideas that should be in this post. 


Tutorial: Wired Nails

I have done some Wired Nails lately as you might have seen. If not, here's a link:
  1. Speedy Wired Nails
  2. Wired Nails

I decided to make a tutorial for Wired Nails, seeing as there wasn't a tutorial up on Youtube, only on Instragram. A lot of you girls are not on Instragram, me included, so I wanted to broaden the horizon a little for this design. 

I discovered the Wired Nails design through a friend of mine, and it was  NailYourIdeas that originally posted it on Instagram. 

Interested in learning how to do nails like:

Then I got the video tutorial for you:

If you are wondering why you have not seen the red Wired Nails design that I did in this video, here on my blog. Then I can tell you that Wine and filming nail art tutorials is just asking for problems.
Haha, gotta learn some day.


Speedy Wired Nail

This design was invented by NailYourIdeas and is called Wired Nails.
Tutorial can be found here.

For this manicure I used two new polishes that came out to the Speedy line from Barry M.
Barry M - Speedy - Supersonic and Barry M - Speedy - Turbo Charged.

First I started with a sandwish bag and applied two coats of Barry M - Speedy - Supersonic, and took a dotting tool and started making lines in the polish. You have to work quick here.

When you are happy with the look, let it dry before topcoating it.
Two coats of polish was enough for all my nails.

I applied one coat of 
Barry M - Speedy - Turbo Charged to all my nails except middle finger where I used Barry M - Speedy - Supersonic, and added the decals over.
One the middle finger I added a 3D bow for extra pow. 

Barry M - Speedy - Supersonic and Barry M - Speedy - Turbo Charged

What do you think?
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